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Anastasia Spiridonova Senior editor

Countdown Clock 3.3 is a program that allows the user to set a timer as a countdown in minutes and seconds and show this countdown in full screen. This program has an easy-to-use interface, and it is designed to work with PowerPoint. There is also a sound alarm, it is supposed to be a WAV file, which will be played when the countdown reaches 00:00 of time.
The current date and time will be displayed on the screen. The user can change color and font settings of the display, he can change the color of the background, the timer, and text captions. The font settings enable you to change the font face.
The computer screen can display an image before the countdown timer will start. To start the countdown timer you have to click on the displayed graphic image, and don't forget to check the option box.
The calendar settings are stored in INI config files, the default file is CDT.INI.
To use this program the user has to setup timer settings in countdown timer first, and then he has to test and save his timer settings as a configuration file, then he has to run the program and click on the action button to start the countdown. The user can press the escape button or use mouse double click to return back to the program.
The Countdown Timer software can be bought from the Contact Plus Corporation website.


  • Very easy-to-use interface.
  • Useful for people using timers.
  • Full screen display.


  • Not free.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 3.1 MB

Publisher's description

This useful utility allows you to count down time with an alarm. It's great when needing a countdown timer to be reminded of a specific event such as checking the roast cooking in the oven, checking the water level when filling your hot tub, or what ever else you can concoct.
Features include playing any multi-media file on the alarm such as a movie, music file or sound file. You can also launch a program of your liking when the alarm goes off such as a program to shutdown your system. Can hide in your system tray and be resized to virtually any size on your desktop including FULL SCREEN.
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